Great New Designs available NOW!

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Hi Dimples friends, its been a while since the last news but here we go! We just launched 2 new great dog bandanas for you and your doggies!! First we have the new Happy Birthday design – so you can celebrate your dogs birthday in style…. And second we now have an Emojy design – for all those smart phone, whatsapp addicts like we are… Wishing you lots of fun with the new bandanas! All … Read More

Christmas for Dogs

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Hello Friends! I know, I know, its only October … BUT … Christmas for dogs is definitely coming! Look at this! Dimples – Sew Happy is ready for it! All our famous Christmas Dog Bandanas are back in stock and there are even two super cool new Christmas Designs! The Santa Party and (my favourite) the Gingerbread Man! A handmade Dimples Christmas Dog Bandana is the perfect present for every dog owner!! Now is the … Read More

It’s summer time for dogs!

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Dear Friends, We are in the time of long days and sunny skies! Who doesn’t like that? Great time to get out and about with our doggies! Go for a nice walk in the park – maybe even play at the beach? We at Dimples already finished our summer holiday and are now back to help you with all your dog accessories needs. 😉 Summer is a time to show colour and stay cool! Our … Read More

What’s going on with this unicorn trend?

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Dear Friends! What’s going on with this unicorn trend? If you visit Google and search “Unicorn,” endless images of cakes, cookies, hair, even sausages and the now-famous Frappuccino will show up. This trend has taken the world by storm, and despite the overwhelming large amount of sugar involved, it doesn’t seem to be crashing any time soon. Where did the trend begin? The answer probably is: Nobody really knows for sure… but speculation is the … Read More

Donuts are not for Dogs! WRONG! ;-)

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Hey Doggy lovers! Donuts are not for Dogs! WRONG! I don’t know if you are – but we are big fans of Donuts here at Dimples! And luckily for us this trend finally made it to Ireland…. Donut shops (and I mean really good Donut Shops!) are opening all over Dublin. In fact there seems to be a real trend to enjoy life with a treat or two recently. Don’t get me wrong, all the … Read More

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