Month: January 2017

Hunde Bandana Pink Tartan_Hund | Dimples Sew Happy
04 Jan

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great break over the holidays and did enjoy a bit of quiet time with your loved ones!
Thank you very much again for all your great business during 2016 – you are super!! 😉

But hey – now its 2017 – and all those dogs, doggies, puppies, small and large need to change from their fabulous but now outdated Christmas Bandanas into something more fancy!

Right in time here comes the Tartan collection!



Anne 🙂

Dimples dog bandana Red tartan checkers frontDimples dog bandana Blue Tartan check front

Personalised bandanas will be sent from 25th February. The standard ones like Give me Space, Friendly etc. can still go out as normal. Thank you for your understandingShop now