12 Marvellous Christmas Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers You Dream Of

Whether it’s an invitation, a birthday or the approaching Christmas: If you believe the polls, about three-quarters of all dog owners, will give their dog something for Christmas. But what?

How well do you know the dog owner?

With perfect gift ideas for a dog owner, it’s like with any other gift: what’s appropriate always depends on how well you know the person you want to gift. That’s why I’ve sorted the gift ideas for dogs and their owners by how close you are to them.

A small gift for a dog owner, who is an acquaintance

A small present should not cost more than 10 Euros in order not to embarrass the counterpart.
Ideal for someone you meet again and again when walking with a dog or a dog from the neighbourhood that you particularly like.
There can be many reasons to make a small gift to a casual friend, and if it’s a dog owner, it’s easy to make a choice.

Dog Treat

Everything that’s practical and fun at the same time is popular. How about some treats or a great chewing bone?
Make sure that it is not an intense smelling nibbler gift, otherwise, you only make the dog happy, but not the dog owner.

Dog Bow Tie

Give something elegant and fun at the same time – a bow tie for the dog collar. The Dimples Dog Bow Ties fit any collar and are available in many different designs, suitable for every dog type and gender.


Foldable Travel Bowl

Of course, the gift does not have to be for the dog itself, even if the owner is happy for the dog to receive a gift. The dog lover could also be the recipient.
How about a foldable dog bowl for your next walk in the park or hike on a mountain? So one can easily offer a drink of water to his darling on the way or offer a small snack. It is easy to stow away and because it is made of harmless silicone is also lightweight and therefore easy to carry.


Grooming Glove

Everyone needs to groom their pet, so a groping glove might just be the right thing!?
With soft silicone nubs, ideal for a quick, efficient, but gentle coat care – also suitable for bathing and gentle massaging of the dog.
Rounded soft rubber silicone tips mimic the touch of a hand, thus ensuring unparalleled well-being of the dog during the grooming.


Gifts for Good Friends With a Dog

With gifts for good friends you can, of course, spend a little more money and it will certainly be easier to meet the taste of the dog mum or dad. Or you might even know what is needed or desired.

Dog Bandana

Is your girlfriend into fashion? How about a particularly chic dog scarf for the little friend?
All you have to do is find out the dog’s neck circumference (you can also use a piece of string or a collar)

and you can choose from lots and lots of handmade dog bandanas and dog collar accessories from Dimples – Sew Happy.
With flowers, tartans, stars or skulls, with the name of the dog, in various styles, everything is possible…
The nice thing is that they are significantly different from the mass-produced goods that can be bought on the Internet.
Our handmade dog neckerchiefs and accessories are made to suit all kinds of breeds from the smallest puppy to the largest dog.
The materials used are all of the highest quality and every piece is handcrafted with attention to detail.

Jogging dog leash

A premium jogging dog leash would be a good gift for a sporty friend. It consists of an adjustable waist belt and a stretchable lunge and is suitable for small and large dogs.

Is the person you want to gift her an absolute health freak? At least as far as her dog is concerned. She knows better about the nutrients in dog food than about those in her own food. Has accumulated enough expertise to act as a vet, physiotherapist and nutritionist in one. What does one give to such a person?

Healthy dog biscuits

How about healthy treats for the dog? (if you want to bake it yourself, I recommend the cereal-free recipes from the BARF nutritional advice CattaCanis)
Or a cookie cutter in bone design and a recipe book, so that the girlfriend can try it for herself.

Dog training class

Or maybe there is a dog training class in your area, that you might even want to visit together. Spending time together is the most beautiful gift one can give.

Gifts for family members

Gifts for family members and close friends are easiest to find, and you can be the most generous here.

Grooming voucher

Gift a bit of a spa treatment with a voucher for a visit to the dog groomer. Of course, this only makes sense if the dog has to be groomed, but then it is a nice and meaningful pet gift.

Dog bed


A new high-quality dog bed might also be an option. Whether a puppy or older doggy, every dog is happy about a new and comfortable dog bed or a comfortable blanket. Baskets are recommended especially for small dogs. By the way, with dog cushions not necessarily, the softer the better. After all, cheap inner products often only consist of thin layers of foam, which only seem fluffy and voluminous at the beginning, but quickly flatten down.
Or would you even consider making a dog bed DIY?
On YouTube are many tutorials on how to make a dog bed out of fabrics, scraps, wool or other materials. So even as a beginner, it’s not too hard to produce a dog bed.

GPS Tracker

Many a dog owner may not want to publicly admit it, but most of them have already experienced this horror moment: The furry friend has got something in the nose again and is off through the middle and raced off. Followed by shouting, whistling, pleading, ranting and begging … fortunately, the panic usually lasts only a few seconds before the beloved dog strolls happily and innocently back to mum. However, unfortunately, it can also happen that the dog-human communication goes wrong and the dog does not find back, as much as he would like to.

If you want to give your dog some freedom, then a GPS tracker is worthwhile. The device works quite reliable, but this also depends on the signal strength and the connection to the mobile phone. Attention, the GPS tracker is associated with monthly costs, so please give away only after consulting the gift recipient.

Gift voucher

If the person just has everything and it is hard to find a suitable present, there is the option of a voucher.
Dimples also offers a gift voucher, with which the recipient can buy their favourite dog ??accessories.


I hope there was something for everyone and you now have an idea of what you can give, no matter how well you know the dog and its owner.

All the best, Anne from Dimples – Sew Happy

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