New Dog & Pet-Friendly Wedding Accessories

Finally!  Our new website for Dimples Sew Happy is finished after a lot of hard work by my team and is ready to be discovered by you.

Our Current website was 3 years old and with that, it was, at least in the Internet age, getting quite old. So the time was right for a completely renewed showcase – especially since we have launched many, many new products to make your furry friends look even sweeter.

And here we go! Look at our new home for Dimples Sew Happy online.


Your one-stop shop for handmade dog bandanas, dog bow ties, flowers for the dog collar and other pet accessories from Ireland.

A brief summary:

Dimples – Sew Happy. What’s new

Our new website has become user-friendly by linking the images, so you only need to click on the picture to get where you want to be, explanatory videos, graphics and is easier to find when you are new to Dimples and are searching for the best dog bandanas and pet accessories online.

In the company video on the ‘About Us‘ page, you will see me at one of my favourite activities – sewing. 

In our blog, there will be more exciting things to discover going forward: Tips and tricks for your pet, recipes, new accessories to equip your dog perfectly and also guest articles on topics around dog life.

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New dog accessory: Flowers

Ever thought about putting a flower on the collar of your four-legged friend?

Dimples now makes that possible with beautiful chiffon roses, either as a single flower or as a bouquet. Our cute flowers for dog collars are always a hit at birthday parties, special events, dog shows or even weddings. One thing’s for sure; your dog will be turning heads wherever he or she goes!

Purple Triple Flower Dog Collar | Dimples Sew Happy
Purple Triple Flower Dog Collar | Dimples Sew Happy

Picking the size for dog accessories

Picking the size couldn’t be easier.

One shabby chic rose is ideal for cats, puppies and small breeds like: Chihuahua, Dachshund, Pomeranian, Miniature Pinscher, Pugs, Bichon Frise, Papillon, Yorkshire Terrier or Jack Russell

A bouquet of three shabby chic roses is ideal for medium to large breeds like:
Beagle, Boston Terrier, Bulldog, Cockapoo, Boxer, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Collies, Dalmatian, Husky, Weimaraner, Cocker Spaniel, Doberman, German Shepard, Great Dane, Mastiff, Rottweiler, New Foundland or Saint Bernard, etc.

If you would like, you can choose to have pearls (artificial pearls) embellished to it and how many.

Each flower has an elastic band on the back and slides easily onto the dog collar.  If you are using a very narrow collar, just double it – like a hair tie!

Hair accessory for typical long hair breeds

This gives us a second type of use for the Dimples flowers – as a hair accessory for typical long hair breeds such as Shih Tzu, Yorkshire terrier and Maltese etc. Ideal for dog shows or a walk in the park.

Black with White Spots Flower Dog Collar | Dimples Sew Happy

Dogs with fur that grow “endlessly” need extra care.  Regular brushing and bathing are necessary to prevent the coat from matting.  A high-quality brush, as well as good care products, are crucial tools for dog grooming at home.

With our fur care glove, this is especially easy and pleasant for the dog.

Silicone Pet Brush Glove | Dimples Sew Happy
Silicone Pet Brush Glove

Pet Friendly Wedding: Dog Accessories

It may well be that your dog should wear this flower when the best day in your life is approaching. You can add a flower to the collar of your four-legged bridesmaid or dog of honour and of course the colours will match you perfectly.

If the desired colour combination of the flower bouquet is not available in the online shop, no problem – Just send us a message and we will try to make your dream combination come true.

Dog friendly wedding. A couple with a dog

More and more people take their dog to their wedding and let the dog also be part of the wedding photos.  After all, your dog is an important family member too and should not be missing out on such an important day.

Should your dog play a big role on your wedding?  Then perhaps, if he/she is suitable they could be a ring bearer and could bring the wedding rings to the altar.  Of course, a lot of training is needed here, so that the rings land where they belong!

As a ring bearer, of course, all eyes are on your furry friend and a handmade flower bouquet from Dimples is the perfect accessory for this occasion.

If your dog is quite the gentleman – Then try our Dimples dog bow ties for festive occasions. 

Turquoise Polka Dot Dog Bow Tie | Dimples Sew Happy
Turquoise Polka Dot Dog Bow Tie | Dimples Sew Happy

Wedding with Cats

With cats, it is a bit more difficult than dogs to include them in the wedding ceremony or the wedding celebrations.  After all, they have a mind of their own and may not enjoy a loud wedding party.

Still, there are ways your cat will not be left out at the wedding.  Ask, the photographer, e.g. when the bride and groom get ready at home, to take pictures of your little tiger.  These are hardly going to be scheduled photos, but there will be certainly nice snapshots when it comes to inspecting the bridal bouquet, rings or bridal gown.  Again, the Dimples flower for the pet collar gives that extra bit of glamour. 

flower collar attachment for cats
Flower collar attachment for cats

Wedding with Micro Pig

I would like to know if also micro pig owners take their cute pigs to their wedding. It would make sense, after all, pigs have been known for thousands of years as a symbol of strength and prosperity.  Pigs have probably brought people luck since the middle ages.

Are you such a couple?  Do you have a sweet house pig who is allowed to attend your wedding?  Then write to me.  I would be very happy to equip your sweet curly tail with the Dimples flowers for pet collar.

wedding with micro pig

Wedding with Horses

Are you a passionate rider?  Then of course, your horse will play a very important role in your life.

What could be more beautiful than having your loyal companion by your side on your wedding day! Is the equestrian centre, where your horse stands, a nice location for some outdoor wedding photography? Great! 

If this venue is not possible, you can, for example, search for a beautiful wildflower meadow or even the beach in your area.

Horses as wedding attendants are not new.  In front of a traditional carriage or when taking pictures, they are a popular eye-catcher and as a beloved family member right in the middle instead of just taking part.

Horse Decorations

Horses can be beautifully decorated with braided manes and tail, floral decoration, special bridle and elegant headdress.  

I have also seen a unicorn attachment as a headdress. A fabric unicorn horn is surrounded by artificial flowers attached to a headband, which can then be attached to the upper part of the halter.

Unicorns are very much in trend and therefore we at Dimples produce unicorn bandanas for dogs – so your best friend is in style wherever she goes.

Unicorn Fantasy Extra Large Adult Bib | Dimples Sew Happy

A simple and inexpensive trick is, using washable paint to write a romantic saying on the buttocks or the side of the horse, such as ‘JUST MARRIED’ or the names of the bride and groom ‘Anne & Florian’.  There are countless possibilities.  Also looks very good on the wedding photos and gives them an individual touch.

Another idea for a wedding with horse theme is a table decoration with horseshoes.  A horseshoe, properly attached to the house and yard, should be a suitable means to avert misfortune, mischief, and disease.  It should protect and deny access to strangers and evil spirits.  You can pin down the evil and hammer it in.

We wish you from Dimples a beautiful, eventful wedding with your favourite animal escort.

Enjoy yourselves!

Best wishes from Anne and the Dimples team.

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