Donuts are not for Dogs! WRONG! ;-)

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Hey Doggy lovers!

Donuts are not for Dogs! WRONG!

I don’t know if you are – but we are big fans of Donuts here at Dimples! And luckily for us this trend finally made it to Ireland?. Donut shops (and I mean really good Donut Shops!) are opening all over Dublin. In fact, there seems to be a real trend to enjoy life with a treat or two recently. Don’t get me wrong, all the wonderful healthy food like salads, super grain, vegetarian, vegan, etc. are all super? BUT from time to time a real sweet treat is unbeatable.

The issue now is: Donuts are not for dogs 😉 at least not the sweet kind I am talking about 😉

And here Dimples Dog Bandanas comes to help! Introducing our new super funky funny sweet cute summer dog bandana design – the Dimples Donut Dog Bandana. I can guarantee it will not only make you ‘sew happy’ but gets you lots of smiles from friends and people passing by. And once you have treated your doggy to one of these why not treat yourself?



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