What’s going on with this unicorn trend?

Dear Friends!

What’s going on with this unicorn trend?

If you visit Google and search ‘Unicorn’ endless images of cakes, cookies, hair, even sausages and the now-famous Frappuccino will show up. This trend has taken the world by storm, and despite the overwhelmingly large amount of sugar involved, it doesn’t seem to be crashing any time soon.

Where did the trend begin?

The answer probably is: Nobody really knows for sure? but speculation is the following:

Unicorns remind us of the time we were kids, the time of ‘My Little Pony’ and ‘Care Bears’. It’s about times without worries through their love of unicorns people seem to escape into a world of fantasy, smelling like candy floss, the main colour being pink and ‘of course’ unicorns galloping through the scenery. Quite understandable in a world of bad news.

Additionally, the unicorn has a message: It’s not a common horse, it’s out of line, it’s something special that’s why it’s often used as a symbol for an outsider. However, that shows: Being different makes you unique – it makes you beautiful!

With all that said we proudly introduce the extension of the unicorn trend to our beloved pooches! The Dimples Unicorn Fantasy Dog Bandana is colourful, happy and makes your dog truly unique!

Show the world your happiness with this fabulous dog bandana in unicorn design!

So far? Sew happy! 😉



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