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dog bandana donuts dog | Dimples Sew Happy
17 May

Donuts are not for Dogs! WRONG! ;-)

Hey Doggy lovers!

Donuts are not for Dogs! WRONG!

I don’t know if you are – but we are big fans of Donuts here at Dimples! And luckily for us this trend finally made it to Ireland…. Donut shops (and I mean really good Donut Shops!) are opening all over Dublin. In fact there seems to be a real trend to enjoy life with a treat or two recently. Don’t get me wrong, all the wonderful healthy food like salads, super grain, vegetarian, vegan, etc. are all super… BUT from time to time a real sweet treat is unbeatable.

The issue now is: Donuts are not for dogs 😉 – at least not the sweet kind I am talking about 😉

And here Dimples Dog Bandanas comes to help! Introducing our new super funky funny sweet cute summer dog bandana design – the Dimples Donut Dog Bandana. I can guarantee it will not only make you “sew happy” but gets you lots of smiles from friends and people passing by. And once you have treated your doggy to one of these why not treat yourself?



Spring Dog Bandana | Dimples Sew Happy
02 May

Spring is here (finally) – and so are our Spring Dog Bandanas

Hello my friends!

Finally the sun is out and we can feel a bit of warmth on our skin (or fur). Lets hope now for no more muddy walks in the rain and storm with our beloved doggies.

It would be nice for a while to not come home and need to first shower the dog because he/she is all muddy again! 😉

On that note it is now also the perfect time for getting some new dog bandanas – check out our great spring designs – we have flowers and happy colour all over. As usualy our dog bandanas are high quality handmade in Ireland.

Enjoy the first sunny days of spring together with your doggie!



btw. our spring dog bandanas are fully machine washable should it rain after all 😉

Hunde Bandana Pink Tartan_Hund | Dimples Sew Happy
04 Jan

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great break over the holidays and did enjoy a bit of quiet time with your loved ones!
Thank you very much again for all your great business during 2016 – you are super!! 😉

But hey – now its 2017 – and all those dogs, doggies, puppies, small and large need to change from their fabulous but now outdated Christmas Bandanas into something more fancy!

Right in time here comes the Tartan collection!



Anne 🙂

Dimples dog bandana Red tartan checkers frontDimples dog bandana Blue Tartan check front

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